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David 23 in front of his robot wall

David 23 @ home in front of his robot wall

David 23

David 23 is the pseudonym I generally use in all my artistic endeavors. Occasionally I am know by the pseudonym Odiemonster. You will almost never see my real name attached to my artwork. David is my first name and 23 is a number I pulled out of the air when online signing up to join the Panix Unix Usergroup in the mid 90’s. At the time I didn’t think much of it but later it became clear that it wasn’t an accident. 23 Enigma – Wikipedia

The number 23 also known as the ’23 Enigma’, as discovered by William S. Burroughs. It presents itself as a good omen for some – disaster for others. The 23 Enigma can also be found in Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati”. David 23 is now my name and my enigma.

The Number 23

I am a composer, sound designer, recording engineer, and musician. I have worked with legendary acts, one-hit wonders and complete unknowns (like myself).

I have been a lighting designer/technical director for education institutions and off-Broadway and and Lower East Side productions. I was also a guest host of a live television show with Jeff Probst YEARS before “Survivor.” SoundFX

Performing at Void in NYC

Performing @ Void in NYC

I have worked in retail, waited tables and been a bartender. I’ve delivered cakes and cleaned arcades… I was the Director of Digital Media for the American Museum of Natural History.

I currently pay my bills by sitting in a cubicle working for the College Board.

I grew up in Rochester and moved to NYC in 1993 to work as a sound designer in theater. I found a cheap apartment down by the WTC after the first bombing and started my NYC career as a composer.

In addition to my artistic endeavors I spent 5 years working for AST Sound as the resident recording specialist. Designing and installing recording studios and NYC clubs.

During this time I would  work nights running sound at Cafe Wha, Don Hills, The Pyramid, among others. If I wasn’t running sound I would be setting up and fixing sound systems and lighting systems for local and clubs such as Baramundi, Mothers, Robots, and 100s of others. Occasionally, I would have a gig but, I didn’t have much success performing in NYC clubs.

I also started helping out musicians and record labels with their recording studios. I set up the first recording studio for Rawkus records, twice. I help JD Dority (drummer for the Patty Smith band) set up his home studio a number of times and helped him with 2 of Patty’s albums. I even got a thank you in the credits of Gung Ho with my original name David Petrus. I designed and built a mobile recording system for Matt Johnson of The The and also helped him hack a rival soccer team fan’s AOL account… Long story.

Fill in the information about – Mark Gage and Brian Emrich and Formula along with how I convinced Wire’s manager that I was the original drummer for the band.. hehe Even got a link from their site to mine

Fill in information about my endorsement from Sonic Foundry

However, that life ended when Giuliani took office. (Long story.)

I changed careers and became a full time web monkey for a Silicon Alley startup.

I also ran a music site called OddBox to promote unknown musical talent and promote independent artists which won numerous awards in its day. It also provided me with 100’s of free CD’s.

More Music Bio details to come soon.


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