22nd Century Lullaby

22nd Century Lullaby

22nd Century Lullaby - David 23

Although, my album has been available for a number of years at online as well as brick and mortar record stores I am not happy with the company handling my distribution.
So, I have decided to take back my album “22nd Century Lullaby” and make it available for free download using the Creative Commons License agreement below. Sorry Amazon

Feel free to download the files below for free and use them as you like. Please note however, the album/songs are registered with BMI under the name David Thompson for commercial use. If you have any questions about legal use of these files please feel free to contact me directly.


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  1. Introduction – 1:22
  2. Euro-Rail – 4:40
  3. 22nd Century Lullaby – 4:48
  4. Jupiter – 3:03
  5. 4 Minute Meditation – 4:00

Bonus Track: Euro Rail Drumless Remix

Tracks also available on SoundCloud:

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